Ginger & Blake: Wedding @ Panama City Beach, Florida

On the long drive down to the beach from South Georgia, it started to rain. Little did I know, it had been flooding all day at the beach. Rain's good luck, right?

We were pretty concerned but nearly 2 hours before the ceremony time the rain stopped and we were (very quickly) able to set everything up on the beach! With just enough time for some portraits with a wonderful blue boat someone just happened to leave for us.

It was a sweet intimate wedding with loads of personal touches and even more love and fun. I'll be a lucky gal if I laugh even half as much at future weddings as I did at Ginger & Blake's!

Ginger's dress was long and light - a classic goddess dress and perfect for a simple beach wedding.

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Your Name: Kristin
Role In The Wedding (Bride, Groom, MOH, etc.): Bride
City/State/Country in which you live: Bradenton, FL
City/State/Country in which you'll be married: Mixon Fruit Farms in Bradenton, FL
Wedding Date: December 26, 2009
Any Other Additional Information: I'm getting the best late Christmas present ever, don't you agree? :D

Bob & Catherine: WeddingCon 2009!

You may remember Bob & Catherine from those fantastic Disney World photos! We started out Thursday night at The Celt Pub in downtown Orlando with friends and family. The next day was the wedding extravaganza at The City Arts Factory. Neither of them wanted a traditional white wedding and everything is unique, from the gold cocktail dress to the custom chucks the guys wore. Look out for the Glass Blowing demo with Charlie! And be sure to look at the photos at the end. We played Rock Band. That's right, Rock Band. It's true, you wish you were there right now.


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Your Name: Ashley
Role In The Wedding (Bride, Groom, MOH, etc.): Bride
City/State/Country in which you live: Lakeland, FL, USA
City/State/Country in which you'll be married: Dade City, FL, USA
Wedding Date: March 21, 2009
Any Other Additional Information:
It will be held on a beautiful plantation home ranch.
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Change of Plans...

Long before Jerrod and I got engaged I decided I wanted a pirate themed wedding. He thought it was an awesome idea so we pretty much planned out how it would go down, favors, accessories, piratey ideas, dress code, etc.

Now that we've been engaged for a month and I've been working on planning our wedding this whole time, I've completely had a change of heart. I've decided that I want a traditional wedding. I want to get dressed up in a big fancy wedding gown (okay, maybe not too big and fancy) and I want him to wear a tux and I want to be able to force my best girlfriends do buy some random dress that I chose in whatever color I want. I was going to just wear a traditional dress to my pirate wedding but what really convinced me to change my mind was the logistics of the whole thing. In order to have the pirate wedding we'd have to drive down to Clearwater Beach (4.5 hours away) to find reception sites, caterers, florists, DJ's, photographers, etc. who knows how many times. The only suitable pirate ship we were able to find was Captain Memo's ship in Clearwater, which is the only reason I chose to have the wedding there in the first place. In addition to that, the ship alone is $700 for one hour for 50 people. I really can't justify spending that on just the ceremony site alone. I'd rather skimp on the ceremony and have a nice little beach or garden ceremony for a small price and then be able to spend more on catering and reception and honeymoon costs. I've already got the pirate themed cake topper though so our traditional wedding is still going to have an awesome pirate-skeleton cake topper.

I really thought that Jerrod would be more disappointed than he was about my change of heart. He was really enthusiastic about the theme. However, he reminded me why I'm marrying him and just said "You can have whatever you want baby. I don't care what kind of wedding we have or where its at as long as you're standing next to me at the altar. I'd marry you in the backyard."

So yeah, basically wedding planning is back to square one. We're shooting for a St. Augustine or Ponte Vedra beach wedding instead. That should be much easier and much more cost effective. Now the hard part is just waiting for this detachment to be over so that Jerrod and I can both finally go and check out wedding sites together.

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Newbie Post

Your Name: Megan
Role In The Wedding (Bride, Groom, MOH, etc.): Bride :)
City/State/Country in which you live: Jacksonville, FL
City/State/Country in which you'll be married: Clearwater Beach, FL
Wedding Date: September 19, 2009
Any Other Additional Information: My fiance and I have decided that we're going to have a pirate themed wedding. We already picked out a place for our ceremony but are currently trying to find a nice reception site that won't be too expensive. If anyone here is from the Clearwater area and has any recommendations please share! Also, since we live 4.5 hrs from Clearwater its hard to get down there to check out florists, bakers, caterers, and DJs so if anyone knows anyone in the area and would like to make any recommendations we would appreciate it!
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Your Name: Jennifer
Role In The Wedding (Bride, Groom, MOH, etc.): Bride
City/State/Country in which you live: Tampa, Florida
City/State/Country in which you'll be married: Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater area, Florida
Wedding Date: To be determined
Any Other Additional Information: We are going to have a small wedding of a couple friends and some family, after that we want to have a bigger reception up in Michigan (This is where my fiance and myself are originally from) where more family and friends can celebrate our big day.
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Your Name: Becca
Role In The Wedding (Bride, Groom, MOH, etc.): bride
City/State/Country in which you live: Carrboro, NC (grew up in Miami, college in Gainesville)
City/State/Country in which you'll be married: Gainesville, FL
Wedding Date: August 2, 2008 (tentatively)
Any Other Additional Information: Gville is top on the list right now. Any help would be wonderful! Our budget is fairly low (still is discussions but definitely under $10K). I'm so happy I found this comm.. now I just hope it's sorta active. :o)